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August, 2010:

Learning doesn’t always come from a book!

So much of what I know today I learned standing behind the chair doing what I did best  for over forty years ~ styling hair. That was my college education. Real people, real experiences in the salon provided me my education.

It was hilarious because women never realized how their voices carried while sitting under the hair dryer. Ah! The joy of just listening. I later shared with my clients how they taught me about
He left me and came back to me!  
Spit-up and diarrhea….
the difference between measles, mumps and chicken pox
Good kids, bad kids
Single moms, single dads
Strong moms, weak dads…
The difference between a soccer ball, football and a baseball, tap shoes and snow shoes.
How to pitch a tent and build a campfire – Girl Scout leader
Prom dresses, wedding dresses
even how to buy a car!

Listening can sometimes be the best form of learning and communication.

Keeping an open mind with older folks as well as young children as they express themselves creates not only a glorious vision but a whole new world.Reading a book allows us many learning opportunities but to take the time to “listen” is just brilliant.