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December, 2010:

Can One Person Really Make a Difference?

I admire the people who are willing to give their time, their effort, and their support to contribute to the success of a fundraiser in a community.

At a recent fundraising event, Co-founder Lou Bivona, Chairman of the New York Chapter of NCMEC who also serves on the Board of Directors of various other organizations, profoundly embraced the audience with his sincere message that Child Sexual Abuse significantly affects the victim as well as their families in many ways throughout their life. In fact, just about every volunteer or attendee at the event had been affected in some way by Child Sexual Abuse.

Lou, also a “victim” carries the pain and guilt that so many survivors do, but lets nothing stop him short of giving back and helping other families. He made his life mission working to prevent Child Sexual Abuse.

He, also, led efforts in 2004 to establish the Bivona Child Advocacy Center in Rochester, New York, which streamlines the process of law enforcement and human service professionals to address the needs of child sexual abuse victims and dramatically increases the conviction rate for child sex crimes.

Lou has had an impact on thousands of families, victim because of his efforts to provide education about how to keep every child safer.

I support Lou in his efforts for all he does for communities everywhere. I join him in his mission to eliminate the opportunities for the perpetrators to touch our children, and I will continue to educate the public.

Child Sexual Abuse is a violation of trust that can happen Anywhere, Anytime, to Anyone!

Whether it is one of these organizations or another of your choosing, give generously from your heart. Whatever way you choose to help it will inspire and impact someone in a very significant way.

Trust me, to the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world!

 Sharon Grace ~ author “When the Trust is Broken” Just when you think your children are safe Think Again