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When the Trust is Broken

When The Trust Is Broken

This is my story – a grandmother’s story – of the experiences and events that have shaped my life.
It is a personal, powerful and agonizing story including a devastating fire, a flood, serious car accident, two failed marriages, a horrific family death, and the despicable acts of sexual abuse on my granddaughter, and the emotional impact it had on my family as well as the strength and forgiveness it took to overcome these challenges.

Child sexual abuse is a violation of trust that can happen anywhere, anytime. Sex offenders do not pick and choose. Every child is a potential victim.

My story will not only educate the public but assist in recognizing some of the warning signs. Most people do not talk openly about child sexual abuse, but through this process I have met many men, women, and young children that have been victims living with guilt, shame and fear.

Through a local advocacy center I learned to channel my negative energy into something more positive. My goal is to educate adults to be proactive so they would never have to know this kind of pain.
There are many success stories and many resources available that I share in my book. I believe that everyone should have the tools and the power to protect their family.

This book is dedicated to “Chloe” [name has been changed to protect her privacy] a child who was robbed of her innocence at the hands of child molester before she had a chance to fight back. I pledge to be the “voice” for her and other children who live in silence.

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