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Parent or Undercover Boss?

Have you watched the television franchise show “The Undercover Boss”?

It is a show where the boss (CEO) of a large company or corporation goes into the job site in disguise to investigate operations of his employees on a daily basis. He spends time getting to know the people who work in his company and learn about their personal and professional challenges. He later sits down with these employees and communicates his observations of their efforts. Great efforts are rewarded and action plans are taken to help those who are less productive.

As parents we can’t always follow our children to work or school and observe everything they do but we can communicate by asking the right questions.

  • What was the “best thing” or “worst thing” that happened to you today?
  • Who made you feel “good” or “bad” about yourself today?
  • What was the “nicest” or “meanest” thing someone said to you today?

Following each of these questions with “Why” can result in better communication and improved relationships.

By expressing interest in your child, paying close attention to their response, and letting them know you share their joy as well as their pain can be rewarding for both of you by building a stronger, better relationship.

Sometimes a smile that lights the face also warms the heart.

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