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October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

October is the month set aside to promote awareness, celebrate survivors, and congratulate advocates of domestic violence and sexual assualt. And it’s all about Communication!

We teach our children bike safety, fire safety, and the effects of drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes. But sometimes it is difficult to teach them how to protect their body.

Learning should begin at a very early age.

My FREE  ‘Protect All Children’ Safety Guide is full of tips for empowering children with safety skills and even teaching parents how to empower their children can greatly reduce the “risk” of sexual assault and this wide-spread violence.

Everyday we hear another story about sexual abuse,  domestic violence, and the perpetrator. Hearing about “him” may create awareness and protective measures, but it is really about the VICTIMS!

It isn’t about reacting! It isn’t about responding!

It is about “reporting” And doing so immediately can save a life!

We need to use our strength and our voice to be effective and proactive. Remeber victims often live in a world of fear, guilt, blame and shame.

As a victim and a grandmother of a victim, I share my experience and knowledge  in TAKING ACTION:  the 1st step to PREVENTION of our violated, and vulnerable adults and children!

Your actions can help eliminate the opportunities for controlling, demeaning, manipulators to violate what is precious to us. Report anything you see that looks wrong, feels wrong, or sounds wrong to local authorities or law inforcement.

YES! Get involved! and Take Action to save someone you know from Domestic Violence!